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Thread: Al Jazeera Sports (26E, 13E & 7W etc) Irdeto2

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    Al Jazeera Sports (26E, 13E & 7W etc) Irdeto2

    Irdeto 2 I 060300 M0 07/10/2012 16:06

    I 060300 04 : 8BCD4D4799F8A5E64FC9ED9B6743052E OP key == active

    0051620D************************ ; I2

    EMM-Seed I 060300 M1 903C3379A8698CE1D829CE82010C2F31 ; I2

    ECM-Seed I 060300 M2 87A3DBFC22B199E762C649E08F2A5E65 ; I2

    Common-IV I 060300 M3 2936A1AEE14F5C9E3343144735D135CE ;

    Clear-PMK0 I 060300 M4 9BD93367A8A48F2B2B87A05E7F2DDED8 ;

    Clear-PMK1 I 060300 M8 00000000000000000000000000000000 ;

    Encrypted-SA I 060300 M9 82403F ;JSC Sport EMM header

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    hi .the codes are very old.please set newest

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